Monday, 26 December 2011

Sally Hansen Black Platinum & Sally Hansen DVD

I'm visiting family for Christmas - a small, isolated town without a lot of options for polish. I hit up the local pharmacy (one of two in town) and was convinced I'd find nothing in the teeny tiny polish selection, but I was wrong. I walked out with two great colours that I'd never have picked up if I had access to my usual unlimited array of polishes, and I'm glad I bought them!

I often give short shrift to Sally Hansen - it's cheap and available anywhere so it hasn't got the exotic appeal of brands like Deborah Lippmann or Ozotics. And it's a shame - these cheap, available everywhere colours can be just as striking, not to mention readily affordable.

First up, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black Platinum. I was intrigued by the way this looked in the bottle - a smokey deep charcoal with flashes of silver shimmer. The first coat was disappointing, splotchy and sheer, but a second coat achieved the bottle colour and I was in love.

This colour is gorgeous - intense, shimmery charcoal with amazing flashes of silver. I was so happy with how this turned out that I almost scrapped my original plan to use this as a base colour for my next swatches!

I'm glad I did. This is two swatches of Sally Hansen Hi-Definition in DVD over Black Platinum. Quite sheer on its own, paired up with a dark base coat this turns to deep purple-blue sparkly magic. This is incredibly unique, unlike anything else I have. It switches from deep purple to bright blue depending on the light. I'm anxious to see what this looks like in the sun tomorrow! I'll have to take another picture then.

Definitely two great additions to my polish collection!

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