Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Funky French Manicure with ManGlaze Matte is Murder

Inspired by Chloe's Nails fancy french manicure. This is one of the most beautiful, simplistic looks I've ever seen, and no one does it better than Chloe's nails.

This is my take on it, using ManGlaze #Matte is Murder, tipped with a stroke of Seche Vite.

Protip: don't even attempt to use tape to keep the lines straight on this stuff - it stuck to the nail polish no matter how long I waited and how much I tapped the tape to my palms, it stuck. I had to redo all the fingers on my left hand twice!

Anyway, here's my take on it.

With the flash, you can see just how much amazing shimmer is packed into this great matte polish:

Working with matte polish is so different from your usual creme finishes. I had to buff all my nails to remove any ridges to get this smooth look, as every single bump will show. I also worked much more quickly than I normally would to try and avoid it drying and clumping. This stuff dries FAST.

Another gotcha: I tried OPI's drying drops on this and it RUINED the matte finish. Guess I'll be saving those for non-matte looks!

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