Friday, 6 January 2012

Polish Storage

I hit up IKEA the other day on a hunt for cheap polish storage, and I struck gold!

The Samla series is absolutely perfect - not too tall, with lids for easy stacking. There are optional clips and dividers too! I ended up grabbing four of each of the smallest and the medium sized bins with matching lids.

Small bin

This is my new, unswatched polish holding bin.



There's 27 bottles in that bin right now, and it would easily hold a few more.

Medium bin

Once polishes are swatched, I put them into the larger bins arranged by type.



This particular bin is holding 61 bottles of polish with plenty of room for growth.

I'm not entirely sold on the medium bins yet - I may go back and pick up half a dozen more small bins instead. But at $1.49 per bin, I'm not exactly worried about it.

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