Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Comparison: Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Disco Ball vs China Glaze Snow Globe

Just because :) Someone mentioned these might be similar, so I thought I'd swatch them together. It's a slow evening.

The bottles:

Alone (SH on left, CG on right):

Over black creme polish (SH on left, CG on right):

Side by side (from top to bottom, SH, CG, SH, CG):


The main difference between these two is the size of the glitter. Disco Ball is tiny, tiny flecks, while Snow Globe is big shiny bits. The colours are pretty much identical, flashing all colours of the rainbow. Both are neat, but I think I prefer Disco Ball as Snow Globe seems to sink into my nail and make it look pitted.


  1. OOPS i commentedd on the wrong blog a moment ago...

    I love and own both of these! Each has a fantastic perk of it's own!

  2. Also, please pass on the love! <3
    I've given you the Liebster Blog award! I love following your work!

  3. @Jonochi thanks for the comments :) They're great colours!

  4. These are both so pretty!! I had both but gave Disco Ball to my sister since Snow Globe was my favorite. :D Wonderful comparison!