Saturday, 21 January 2012

Girly Bits

This is my first time trying Girly Bits, a small independent lacquer creator with some absolutely beautiful stuff! I ordered five polishes to start off and swatched them all today.

As always, images can be clicked to find the full sized version.

First up, Into the Night, a black jelly, jam packed with multiple colours of glitter, holo glitter and pink shimmer.

This one sparkles like CRAZY. It's also a topcoat hog - I used a coat of clear polish and then topped with Seche Vite for a smooth finish. Application was easy and not at all streaky, even on the first rather sheer coat! By two coats this had built nicely, but by three it was perfect.

If you want to save on coats, my middle finger has a coat of black creme polish (DL Edge of Glory) with one coat of Into the Night on top, and I can't tell the difference. A lovely sparkly polish for glitter lovers!

Note: this is the standard PITA for removal - use the foil method!

Next up is Sailor's Delight - a deep red-orange jelly with incredible gold micro-glitter that sparkles like mad!!

I have to agree with the description - it DOES sparkle like mad! This colour reminds me of blood oranges - gorgeous and rich. Application was a breeze. The swatch shows three coats topped with Seche Vite. I can still see some VNL, but not much! A fourth would probably make this completely opaque, but I didn't bother as I thought it was beautiful as it was.

Stormy Skies - a medium grey that leans to the dusty teal side. It has a hint of micro-glitter that shows gold or green, depending on the skies.

A lovely dusty blue-grey with tons of hidden sparkle. It's very subtle and lovely, showing tons of teeny tiny glitter particles in the sun. Application on this one was a bit trickier and took a steady hand to keep it from being uneven, but it wasn't bad. Very sheer at one coat, it built nicely to almost opaque in three coats, with some VNL. I love this one, it'll be great for spring!

The next two colours will be quite picture-heavy due to the nature of the polishes - capturing all those lovely colours was NOT easy!

The first of the duochrome topcoats is Cosmic Ocean - a blue/green/purple duochrome, which is completely stunning and whose true beauty can not be captured by the camera.

Yes, ALL those pictures are of the same polish! I have to agree that this polish is very difficult to capture on camera - it shifts like crazy from a gorgeous deep cobalt blue to a forest emerald green. This is one coat over Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory black creme. Application was simple, just a stroke of the brush and it was perfect.

If you're a fan of blue/green duochromes at all, you need this polish! I love looking at this in the sun, it's mesmerizing.

Last but not least is Street Magic - a wildly duochrome, colour shifting polish that is meant to be layered over a dark colour. It will transform from a deep bronze to a brilliant green right before your eyes.

This one was even tougher to capture than Cosmic Ocean. The copper kept disappearing when I looked at the photos! The shifting put me in mind of Chanel Peridot, that same kind of gorgeous green to copper shift, though Street Magic delves more into the deep emerald side of green. Application was identical to Cosmic Ocean, one thin easily applied coat over a coat of Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory black creme.

Of them all, I think Cosmic Ocean and Sailor's Delight are my favourites for the moment, though I'm sure that'll change over time :)

Girly Bits can be bought via Pam's blog, or from llarowe.


  1. These are so stunning!! I LOVE Stormy Skies (it is on my lemming list!!) Street Magic is amazing too! :D

    1. Grab it if you can :) It's a great shimmery spring colour!

  2. Great post, love the macro shots ♥ Thank you

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to make my next order :)

  3. The macro shots are awesome and really give an accurate lens into how gorgeous these polishes all are!! Hooray for Pam and her terrific Girly Bits lacquers!!

  4. I'm so in love with Stormy Skies. Need to get my hands on it ASAP!