Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nerd Lacquer - Entirely Unlike Tea

This is my first time trying Nerd Lacquer. I picked up a few from Harlow & Co just before New Years and I was sooo excited to try them! I had about 15 new polishes to try, but this one stood out for its subtly gorgeous colour.

This is Entirely Unlike Tea - a semi sheer pinky nude with tiny silver glitter, and just a touch of larger round glitter. It has a bit of a pearlescent quality in the finish, but it's super subtle.

The texture was a bit watery and extremely sheer on the first coat, but covered nicely on the second. At three it became almost opaque, but it had just the slightest visible nail line in bright light, not enough for a fourth coat though.

This picture was just taken at my office, hence the Sharpie as opposed to a polish bottle. Three coats, topped with Seche Vite. It was a bit less shiny on its own so a topcoat is recommended if you want that glassy finish. The glitter itself lays very flat and was completely covered with one coat of Seche Vite - a thinner top coat would probably get the same result.

I kind of wish there was a bit more of the larger glitter, just enough to see a few more pieces on each nail like I have here on my little finger, but that's about all the negative I can say about this beautiful polish.

I love how delicate and lovely this is, but still with a glitter kick to it so it's not your bog-standard pinky nude polish. I couldn't capture this on film no matter how hard I tried, but I did notice it looks pinker if I tipped my nails almost flat in one direction, and more nude in the opposite direction, almost a duochrome effect, but barely there.


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  2. This is a gorgeous swatch! Now I'm even more indecisive about which nerdlacquers to purchase next