Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pick of the Week: Joss Whedon's Firefly


Five hundred years in the future there's a whole new frontier, and the crew of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity is eager to stake a claim on the action. They'll take any job, legal or illegal, to keep fuel in the tanks and food on the table. But things get a bit more complicated after they take on a passenger wanted by the new totalitarian Alliance regime. Now they find themselves on the run, desperate to steer clear of Alliance ships and the flesh-eating Reavers who live on the fringes of space.

Cowboys in outer space. What could be better? This series only lasted one short season, but inspired legions of fans. I've re-watched the entire series about oh, a dozen times, and introduced it to a lot of friends. The characters worm their way into your hearts with heartfelt performances and clever dialogue that could only have come from Joss Whedon.

Give it a chance and you'll be with the rest of us, lamenting that this show wasn't renewed.

This series is available on Note: this is my affiliate link. If you prefer, you can go directly to the item here.

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