Friday, 9 March 2012

Poshe Topcoat Challenge: Day 4

At the end of four days, my right hand is definitely suffering. The initial lack of tip wrapping on my middle finger is showing badly, my thumb has started to fray, and my index finger came out horribly after I had to wash some dishes this evening. My left hand's faring better, but the huge gouge from the dishwasher incident at work looks horrible!

Left hand:

Right hand:

Overall I'd say Poshe held up pretty well. After four days, the worst of the chipping was caused by a lack of wrapping, and an incident that would have taken off any topcoat! For $7, I'm pretty impressed, and I enjoyed wearing this holo purple a lot.

But it's definitely time for a change!

Next week: Seche Vite.


  1. I've read that people think Poshe is better than Seche Vite.. I love Seche Vite but I was willing to try Poshe.. I'm interested to see when you do Seche Vite next week!

    1. I've read the same. I'm anxious to redo this challenge with other topcoats for sure!