Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Vintage nails

I had a lot of fun last night doing this! I set out to do a stamping mani on top of China Glaze For Audrey with a matte finish, but once my nails were painted I figured I'd try my hand at some vintage wallpaper styles instead.

The base is China Glaze For Audrey.

The stripes and dots were done with my Konad stamping polish. This stuff is great for doing nail art - super opaque!

The vintage roses are a combo of Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power and Deborah Lippmann Shape of my Heart, with China Glaze Holly Day and Sally Hansen Mint Sherbet for the leaves. This is where I realised I had no leafy greens in my collection - must rectify that today!

The polish I'm holding is Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream, which just arrived at my office this morning. Check out the MASSIVE box it came in! I cracked up laughing when the FedEx guy walked in with this.

All that box and padding for one teeny tiny bottle of polish. Sadly, there's a second box just like it on the way tomorrow with On the Beach inside (they shipped separately for some crazy reason).


  1. Super pretty! I'm still afraid to try the roses...but you did a super job :D

    1. It was actually the easiest part! The stripes were much harder. I had to redo my right hand to get those right.

      Take your biggest dotting tool and use your darker colour (pink or red) to put a dot on your nails, then dip it into the lighter colour, go back to the same spot, and twirl it. That's it! The leaves were just stippled in with my striping brush.