Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Topcoat challange: Day 1

At the end of day one, we definitely see how important a topcoat is! My thumbnails on both hands are badly chipped, while my other fingers have some small chips, but aren't too bad. Poshe seems to show the most chipping so far.

Left hand:

Right hand:

On the shrinkage front, both Poshe and Seche Vite show noticeable shrinking from the tips, with OPI and Sally Hansen holding strong.


1) Sally Hansen & OPI, 4 points
2) Seche Vite, 3 points
3) Poshe, 2 points


1) Sally Hansen & OPI, 4 points
2) Poshe, 3 points
3) Seche Vite, 2 points


OPI: 18 points
Sally Hansen: 17 points
Poshe: 16 points
Seche Vite: 14 points

After day 1, OPI is the leader with 18 points.

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  1. I'll admit, after your post yesterday I was totally convinced I needed Seche Vite, but this post makes me think otherwise. Crazy. Thank you for being strong (not changing polish) and conducting this experiment. :)