Thursday, 23 February 2012

Topcoat Challenge, Day 2

This is turning into a nightmare. The chipping is extremely bad, and my nails look like a hot mess. The Seche Vite is peeling in a nasty way, almost coming entirely off my middle finger.

Left hand:

Right hand:


1) OPI, 4 points
2) Sally Hansen, 3 points
3) Poshe, 2 points
4) Seche Vite, 1 point


OPI: 22 points
Sally Hansen: 20 points
Poshe: 18 points
Seche Vite: 15 points

After taking these pictures, I decided to call it quits on this stage of the experiment, and call OPI the winner after round one. For round two, I'll reverse the order of the topcoats, putting the winner on the finger of the loser, to see if that makes any difference to tip wear. I also need a break from black polish!

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