Friday, 6 April 2012

Today's NOTD: OPI Princesses Rule!, Claire's Night Sky, and OPI Save Me!

This was one glitter bomb of a mani.

I put three coats of OPI Princesses Rule! on as a base, then sponged on a layer of Claire's Night Sky, a fantastic navy and holo glitter, and finally sponged on Save Me from the OPI Nicki Minaj collection.

When I got out into the sun today, I thought I was going to go blind from the disco ball on my nails.


  1. Beautiful!! I love the bar glitter... it is so fine and long! :D

    1. It's a nice bar glitter! I'm not usually a fan but this one was easy to work with.

  2. It looks great! Take a picture in the sun for the glitter obsessed like me please?

  3. What a fun combination!

    P.S. Not sure you're aware you've got word verification on for comments (Blogger won't make you do it for your own blog); thought I'd let you know in case you want to turn it off so commenters don't have to deal with the wonky words.